Que Linda La Brisa

La Calle Mariscal I (Diptych – Part 1), 2007
inkjet photograph, 36.25 x 50 in

La Calle Mariscal I (Diptych – Part 2), 2007
inkjet photograph, 36.25 x 50 in

La Calle Mariscal II (Diptych – Part 1), 2007
inkjet photograph, 36.25 x 50 in

La Calle Mariscal II (Diptych – Part 2), 2007
inkjet photograph 36.25 x 50 in

We Pant for Revelation, 2016
Charcoal, ink, pastel, collage on paper 82 x 102 in

I Want to Breath Your Air (Triptych), 2016
Charcoal, ink, collaged photos on paper 82 x 170 in

On and Off (Brenda and Samantha) (Diptych), 2015
Charcoal, graphite, ink, collaged photos on paper 82 x 160 in

They gather, ten of them, sit and laugh like women at a tea. They talk of men (the men they’ve had, the men they want, the men they’ve loved, the men they’ve cast aside: Me queria. Me queria amarranda. Me queria en la cocina. Ni que fuera mi mama. They talk of clothes, and make-up and shoes (and sometimes whisper things about eachother). They talk police, and talk arrests, and talk of rape. They talk assaults. They talk of clients who bruise, who hit, who bite. They talk of rights. And then they talk of earrings bought on sale. Some look like men. Some look like boys. Some look like girls. Some look like women, old before their time.

–The Word “Transvestite” Will Not Appear In This Poem, Verse II. A Leisure Afternoon, by Benjamin Alire Sáenz

Smoking Mirrors
Verse C

I destroy your ideas

Your view of the world,

Of the way things should be.

At night, in my world

Blue becomes black

Red becomes yellow

Man is woman

light and dark blurs,

moon is the sun, night is the day

When I come out.


I let go of the rope

And you fall, fall into

The entrails of my life

And with my gentle, caressing hands

I crush your view of the world.


–By Jimmy Santiago Baca


James Drake City of Tells

Mariscal Area

Peola Simondi Gallery
Turin, Italy
January 16 – February 28, 2002

James Drake - Que Linda La Brisa - Rhona Hoffman Gallery

Part 2 – Gender, Race, Identity

Rhona Hoffman Gallery
Chicago, IL
October 28 – December 23, 2016

James Drake - The Anatomy of Drawing and Space (Brain Trash)

Que Linda La Brisa

Charlotte Jackson Fine Art
Santa Fe, NM
May 31 – June 30, 2019


James Drake City of Tells

The Whitney Biennial

Whitney Museum of American Art
New York, NY
March 23 – June 4, 2000

Curated by Michael Auping, Valerie Cassel, Hugh M. Davies, Jane Farver, Andrea Miller-Keller, and Lawrence R. Rinder